UNAPOLOGETIC – BAAR ART JOURNEY and RESIDENCY – 15.10.2022 – 05.11.2022

Kunst-Stiftung Starke 
Koenigsallee 30
14193 Berlin

Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks

Whatsapp: +13107348159
Mobile: +49 1522 4260685

UNAPOLOGETIC celebrates the freedom of an artist to create unapologetically by resisting the white gaze which exists amongst mainstream art narratives across the globe. BAAR Art Journey residents: Adana Tillman, Alphonce Odhiambo Ojwang, Baron Frankenstein, Carl Hazlewood, Kendra Dandy, Mekia Denby, Nanette Carter, and Cory Ford. Our BAAR Includes program enables artists to participate in our art journey and residency In a hybrid manner and is inclusive of the following African Diaspora and LatinX artists: Aminata Seck, Antonia Stoyke, Rafaella Braga, Kojo Dela, and Francisco Totem Perez.

Unapologetic showcases artworks created by the artists prior to their journey and residency taking place in Berlin. The artworks are representative of their creative expression both during and post pandemic times. The exhibition is inclusive of various Afrocentric and Latin influences which are colorful, meaningful and representative of various subject matters important to the artists. Artists will create works of art over a five week time period during their journey and residency as they experience psychological safety and tap into their authentic selves outside of their countries. The final exhibitions take place at Stiftung Starke (November 3) and Bode Projects (November 10), and will remain in Berlin, Germany until January 6, 2023 before journeying to Barcelona, Basel, and various cities throughout the United States. Works will be auctioned and sold in San Francisco late 2023.

BAAR Art Journey and Residency is the brainchild of Jewell Sparks who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Unapologetic is organized by BiTHOUSE Projects Fund  c/o Philanthropic Ventures Foundation / United17 Ventures in collaboration with Stiftung Starke. 

Curated by Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks BAAR Art Journey and Residency, the organizers thank the artists for their dedication to creating works representative of their authentic creative selves as society transforms due to the aftermath of the pandemic and the impacts of social inequalities rising to the surface across the globe.

BAAR Art Journey and Residency participants: Adana Tillman, Alphonce Odhiambo Ojwang, Baron Frankenstein, Carl Hazlewood, Kendra Dandy, Mekia Denby, Nanette Carter, and Cory Ford. 
BAAR+ Includes (hybrid + inclusive of African Diaspora and LatinX artists) Antonia Stoyke, Hamisi Mwangome, Rafaella Braga, and  Francisco “Totem” Perez.

Rafaella Braga
Reconhecido no tempo presente, 2020
Gouache, latex, acrilic, spray, charcoal and pastel chalk on canvas
270 cm x 320 cm
(not stretched)
Alphonce Odhiambo Ojwang
Harriet Tubman, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
85 cm x 95 cm
Baron Frankenstein
Follow the Line
Acrylic, ink on canvas
193 cm x 180 cm
Adana Tillman
VIBE, 2022
Hand dyed textiles, glass beads
114 cm x 157 cm
Hamisi Mwangome
Jacquemus, 2022
Acrylic, charcoal pencil on acrylic paper
42 cm x 56 cm
Mekia Machine
Dead Lovers #6
Acrylic, acrylic gouache, flash and pen on canvas
182.88 X 127 cm

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