The Foundation


Supporting artists in the realization of their ideas and projects is one of the main tasks of the Starke Foundation. Primarily talented, yet not established artists are to be assisted on their path to success.

The foundation offers support in all different forms of art:

painting / sculpture; architecture / design, music / composition; performance; installation; concept art;

literature; contextual work and new media (Internet, photography, video, CD-ROM)

Such widely spread sponsoring opportunities are designed to support the starting personal visions and styles of each artist, but at the same time it is desired that the contact with other forms of art – as well as styles – enables the artists to enlarge their visions and the flexibility of their artistic growth and production. Out of the applications received, an independent jury selects those artists and art trends which the foundation will sponsor in the year to come.



The „artist in residence“ program is the key to the purpose of the Starke Foundation. For a period of 3-12 months, the foundation will provide residential and working premises to selected artists. Besides this long term support for young artists, short-term apartments for established artists are available. In addition the Starke Foundation arranges numerous national and international contacts to museums, galleries and public institutions as well as to representatives in the fields of culture, science, economy, sports and politics. The meeting between young art and business is also an important part of the program. Furthermore, the „Artist in Residence“ program gives the artists the opportunity to present their projects created during their stay at the Lionspalace to a wide public in the mansion’s own gallery after their scholarship has ended. The projects of the Starke foundation are also accompanied scientifically by international curators.



In 1969, Peter Starke, Consul of Monaco, purchased the Lionspalace in Berlin’s Grunewald. After his death in 1987, his son Jorg Peter Starke founded the Starke Foundation and realized the concept he made when his father was still alive, by transferring the apartments in the Lionspalace into studios for artists. Starting with the organization of exhibitions, a lively meeting place for artists and the art enthusiastic public was created; the non-profit Peter Starke Art Foundation was founded.



The Lionspalace, situated in the Grunewald, Berlin’s so-called „verdure heart“, is a villa which represents traditional ties to the arts through its history and architecture. In 1903, the renowned architect Hans Sehring (Theater of the West) built this country mansion for the royal cellarman Habel and his family. In the 1930s, the building was divided into luxurious single apartments which many famous artists and scholars called home for a few years.



Foundation of Starke Foundation: 6th December 1988, Purpose of the foundation: Granting young artists a limited guest residence at the Lionspalace; Promoting dialogue between artists and the public in all appropriate forms. Assets of the foundation: Property Koenigsallee. Continuous earnings: interests, rent. Earnings for specific projects: Support from business sponsors, support from Berlin’s Senate Cultural Committee. Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Jorg Starke.